Kamaluddin Kamaluddin


Islamic Propagation in an effort to encourage and guide man to the goodness and piety faced with various problems of human life that is increasingly complex. Various humanitarian cases that arise with regard to the psychological aspect, social-political, socio-economic and socio-cultural increasingly felt befall life. Among the cases that arise are increasingly outbreak of various diseases of society, family problems, stress (nervous), problem behavior (disturbing public), alcoholism, abuse of narcotics and drugs and so on. In addition to socio- economic pressures that hit people's lives that can cause a variety of violations that disturb the moral , religious practice factor diminishing the main factor that needs to be addressed. Therefore, the preacher should be able to improve his skills in guidance and counseling as one of the methods that the growing role of Islamic preaching in the future with the increasing number of Centers of guidance and counseling services required by the community.


Dakwah; Bimbingan Konseling

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