Enung Asmaya


Asking other people to the truth and patience is a religious order. Thus, this meassage is important to be delivered to human being. Doing this action will spread goodness and reduce offenders although an evil cannot be completely removed from the earth. Evil doers both muslims and non-muslims are the target of da’wa. To be an effective da’wa, it must be considered some aspects such as cognitive, affective and conative of the people who will get this message. For muslims who incidentally obey religious teaching and often join religious studies, theme of da’wa such ascent to God through the meaning or the heart (understanding the essence of worship which is carried out) would be more relevant to them. This model is done because muslims are not only called upon their religion and the Islamic faith, but also are directed at behavior change for the betterment. This approach aims to establish a muslim who has a true love to God and to implicate for the abstain from actions, fakhsa and munkar.


Muslim; advice; Ascent to God

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