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Mass media have crucial roles in propogating information in society. News published through mass media, both the positive and the negative ones will be so highly accessible to public that they influence the way society thinks. If the published information is true and honest, it will result in positive impacts. On the other hand, if the published information is untrue, dishonest, and it instigates hatred, it will negative impacts and it can even trigger conflicts amongst society members. For those reasons, according to John Hohenberg, news in mass media must al all times prioritize the factors of actuality, honesty, and education. To carry out those functions, it is not an overstatement to say that mass media  are said to uphold noble duties playing big roles in educating the nation.

Press institutions are continuously trying to improve image of journalists in society. Press figures in Indonesia, the majority of whom are muslims, constantly attempt to incorporate muslim values in journalistic ethics. This has goals that all Indonesian journalists have good ethics in carrying out their journalistic duties. Amidst  myriads of moral challenges in the press reports nowadays, it is highly vital to increase ethics actualization in the profession of  journalist. The attempt of ethics building is not merely theoretical in the  journalistic ethics, but the  journalists also establish union of Indonesia muslim journalists as an evidence of commitment to Islam values in performing journalistic duties.

In a good activity of propogation of faith (dakwah), mass media aspect must ideally be seriously scrutinized so that the propogation of faith can  be expected to produce maximum effects. Nowdays  many muslims judge that the  presence of mass media  displays negative things, so mass media are thought of to take part in the  growth of evil deeds. On the other hand in this modernization era the presence of mass media  is becoming extremely urgent in  the  activity of propogation of faith. Muslim do not need to abhor mass media, but, on the contrary, muslims must befriend mass media. Mass media must be correctly managed, so they can  be tools to succeed the activity of propogation of faith. For  that purpose, Muslims must plan ahead to prepare skillful preachers of propogation of faith who are proficient in the field of mass media.


Propogation of Faith (Dakwah); Press Freedom; Mass Media; Journalistic Ethics.

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