PERAN KONSELOR ISLAMI DALAM PELAKSANAAN BIMBINGAN (Konselor Islami, Ciri-ciri Kepribadian Konselor Islami, Kriteria Konselor Islami)

Maslina Daulay


Counselor Islam, in its task of helping clients solve the problems of life, should pay attention to the values and morality of Islam. To become a counselor Islami is not only required to meet the formal requirements and master the theory and know the techniques of counseling, but also must be supported by religious knowledge and good deeds to God as a real form of devotion to God. It is the duty of a Muslim counselor that apply to anyone who acts as a counselor.

Although it has a code of ethics that form the basis of reference client protection, the counselor Muslim would not hurt if in him also adds character traits or counselor that he considers necessary for counseling activities. The most important thing that the counseling efforts must meet the rule that aid is not based on his work.


Islamic Counselor; Personality

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