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Society in life has always experienced changes both natural changes and designed by the community itself. Change is not always better and often the opposite occurs. Humans will experience an identity crisis themselves as being noble hand of God and for others. Therefore propaganda also experienced changes in accordance with the social transformation that has developed along with the progress of science and technology.

Speaking about the mission is to talk about communication, because communication is informative activities, namely that other people understand, know and persuasive activities, namely that other people are willing to accept an ideology or beliefs, perform an ideology or beliefs, perform an activity or action and so on another. Both (propaganda and communication) are integral and inseparable.

The purpose of the development of Islamic society that has strong faith, morals and istiqamah mulya and expertise (skills) are adequate. Systematically towards the goal of developing Islamic society trsebut are as follows: a) to analyze social problems in general and specifically religious that appear in people's lives as a result of social change. b) Designing a community development activities based on the existing problems, based on a scale prioritas.c) Managing and implementing community development activities based on plans agreed (the ability of a companion), d) Evaluate the whole process of community development (evaluation assistance) and e) Training communities in analyze the problems they face, design, manage, and evaluate community development activities (training training assistance).


Dakwah; Development

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