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In the learning process needed a method to facilitate teachers in presenting the material to learners. Relates to a method of learning that has significance with regard to the way in which the teacher in delivering learning materials to learners. So in this discussion will describe how the Implementation Method of Learning Leisure education in Islamic education in the hope of providing solutions to problems that arise in the learning activities, and is expected to provide an important role in the learning process. In the field method is much mention of the terms used but what amounts to a field, such as excursions, study-tour, and there are also within a few days or a long time.

Here is also an explanation of how the implementation of the process of learning methods Leisure conducted in accordance with kaedah-kaedah prevailing in the application of methods of field is, and the things that must be considered a teacher in the choice of teaching methods such as the relevance of the method to the circumstances of students, the relevance of the method with the ability of teachers, relevance method with material / subject matter, the relevance of the learning objectives and methods with others.


Pendidikan Agama Islam; Karyawisata

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