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There are some matans on hadists talk about taking circumstance sholat at mid night. but those can be concluded into one which most of them says the circumstance sholat is in eleven rocaa’ts and it is not in twenty three rocaats. Because Rosululloh, Abu bakar and Umar bin khottob did the sholat in eleven rocaats. When Umar bin khottob was the second khulafaur Rosidin, people did twenty three rocaats which followed by witir in three rocaats. Umar tried to return the sholat into eleven rocaats. When he did the sholat in Ubai bin ka’ab’s ,house and helped by Tamim ad-Dari as the leader (imam) was success to return the sholat into elevent rocaats, this successful is said as a bid’ah by Umar ni’mal. Umar did not change the eleven rocaats into twenty three rocaats.

The circumstance sholat is done eight rocaats consist of four rocaats in one salam and three rocaats in witir sholat with out tasyahud awal. The circumstance sholat can be done in ten rocaats added by one rocaats in witir sholat, which is two rocaats in each salam at qunut praying was always done by Rosululloh in the end of the witir sholat, it is not done on the sixteenth still the romadhon ends. The place for doing the lail sholat is

better in home which can be done as the practicing and perfecting the mastering the Al Qur’an.Sunnah pray at home is better than in the mosque. Don’t be understood if at home syi’ar Islam declaining, it exactly, for detail first is done overall and compact. To practice Qunut witir is not show by hand, not in jahar, not in collected not in amin by

ma’mum but read Qunut by sir us whisper. The verse should read long not short. So the priest called upon to repro duce rote routine that paragraph and understand the meaning.


Ni’mal Bid’ah; Umar bin Khottob

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