MASUK DAN BERKEMBANGNYA ISLAM DI INDONESIA (Analisa tentang Teori-teori yang Ada)

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Islam comes to Indonesia, taking place in phase by phase, evolution, slowly, and in various ways. Entering Islam in Indonesia is still in discussion in an expert area. Islam in Indonesia is historic and sociologist. There’s no historical written form or personal ancient inscription that made deliberately to record about entering Islam in Indonesian area, but there are many theories about entering and developing Islam in Indonesia based on the result of historian and experts’ analysis. Most of certain theories aspects were failed to explain entering Islam, religious conversion, and islamization processes. At least, there are 3 theories that are developed by experts about entering Islam in Indonesia: “Gujarat Theory”, “Persian Theory” and “Arabic Theory”.

Those theories are always connected to sea voyage and commerce between Arabic area and East Asian. Here are those theories: Indian continent people said that the first origin of Islam in the Indonesian archipelago is Indian continent people. This theory is one of theory that explained by Snouck Hurgronje, who said that Islam come to Indonesia from Indian continent area. Snouck Hurgronje, said this theory is based on his research that visible role and Arabic value of Islam in the beginning of entering Islam, in 12th or 13th century.

Benggali theory submitted by Moquette, the origin of Islam from Benggali, of course it can be discussed more, such as about the different of mazhab that is used by Indonesian moslems and moslem’smazhab that is applicated by Benggali people.

Arabic theory, stated that Islam entered and spread to Indonesia directly from Arab in 7 century while Sriwijaya kingdom was developing its dominance.

Persian theory is based on historical evidences that effected by Persian in this archipelago on 11th century. Most of those evidences referred to language effects then it was conceived that Islam entered to Indonesia originated from Persian. Persian effect is Arabic language that is communicated by Indonesian people.

Another of Islamization theory is from Martin Van Bruinessen, he stated that beside Arabic and Chinese people, Indonesia became Islam from Kurdi and Turkey is famous by Turkish theory.

Thus, it’s an entering Islamic processes to Indonesia, by merchant, slowly but surely and received by all society in a peace way. Then, Islam also connected to many islands in Indonesia. Islam began entering the other area by purposing in commerce first or because of just spreading Islamic syari’at


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