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Intensive contacts between two or more languages in a multilingual situation like in Indonesia society tends to lead to the onset of symptoms over the code (code-switching) and mixed code (code-mixing). Instead the code (code switching) is the transition from one code to the other code in an event said. Instead the code happens to conform to the role, or adannya specific purpose. Mix the code (code-mixing) occurs when a speaker uses a language predominantly in support of a speech is disisipi with other languages. Mix the code can occur in the absence of something in a situation that demands the existence of language mixing languages, but can also be caused by factors of habit or lack the proper equivalent.

Factors influencing in an event said, instead of the code and the mix of code occurs due to several factors, namely (1) speakers and personal speakers, (2) the partner speakers, (3) presence of native third, (4) the place and time the speech is in progress, the talk mode (5), and (6) the subject. Over the code and the mix of code has a function related to the purpose of communicating. In the communication on the activities of the multilingual community, instead of code and mix the code generally performed, among others, for the purpose of (1) familiarizing the atmosphere, (2) respect the opponent talk, (3) assuring the subject, (4) presents the humor to entertain, and (5) pose or prestige speaker


Alih kode; campur kode; sosiolinguistik

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