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Its Imam nicely its reading to Alquran at the same time reading its[his] [him/ it]. Its imam know minimum amount ofread sentence at  solat which ispracticing. My me', i'tidal, sujud and sit [among/between] two sujud follow Rosul solat, minimum of its size measure ofhim come near for the price of al-Fatihah suroh. Minimum is amount of sentence the read ismy me sign'. Reading reading of hadis, is obliged to be read by wearing science of tajwid. Study reading and way of Rosul solat before solat menagamalkan, non taught by moment of solat. Way of meeting bersof, diametrical, adult in front of, men children, woman child and adult woman, if one men makmum hence its parallel position with Imam right side, if coming men again hence its position offirst disaf stand up about with left foot ofImam with its right feet hence first makmum retreat parallel position with both second makmum. Way of real correct bersaf represent indicator perfection of berjamaah salat. Voice Imam ought to earn to be heard bymakmum clearly. Reading amen by maximal Imam ofhim can only be heard by people. Pray after used up solat by each slow or sir non ossifying to read each so that Mosque reecho. Recitate with sir or whisper only pertinent able to listen it. Practice existing qobla solat  among 2 until 4 rokaat, follow the example of midday qobla 2 or 4 rokaat, qoblq ' asar 2 or 4 rokaat, Magrib qobla 2 magrib ba'da rokaat 2, isya ba,da' 4 and at dawn qobla 2 rokaat. Qobla Isya' and jumu'ah not yet been found. Taking care of jamaah don't grab. Imam agree makmum if is wrong. position of Makmum if 1 people stand up left side 


Hadis; sholat; Berjamaah

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